West Peabody, Massachusetts, History

The above picture was taken around 1892 or 1893 in front of the old Lakeside School across from Crystal Lake. At the time of the photograph the house was owned by the Taylor family, descendants of the original settler from the late 1600s, Thomas Flint.

Handwritten on the back side of the photo: (Adults left to right) unknown hired man, hired man "Mike," Daniel Taylor (on plow), and George Taylor (Daniel's father). The children (left to right) are Charles S. Young (cousin to other children), Grace Taylor Leach, George Taylor, and Bessie Taylor (a former school teacher in West Peabody.)
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West Peabody History
A collection of photos and interesting facts
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This site is dedicated to interesting facts about West Peabody from recent times back to the 1600s, when Peabody was part of Salem, Massachusetts. 
Giles Corey
Two of the first residents of the area were executed during the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692. Giles Corey owned a large farm in the area of Pine Street across the road from the old Post Office at the railroad crossing. Giles was pressed to death with stones after being accused of being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. He was the only one of the accused to be killed in this manner. His wife Martha was also executed by hanging for being a witch. 
A Racetrack in Peabody?
Yes, there was auto racing in West Peabody back in the 1950s. The track was located behind the old JFK Junior High School (now the West Peabody Office Park). Check back soon for more information on the racetrack. 
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